Nicolas Brousse

Sr. Director of Operations Engineering

Adept at adapting quickly to ongoing business needs and constraints, Nicolas leads a global team of site reliability engineers and database architects that monitor TubeMogul's infrastructure 24/7 and adhere to "DevOps" methodology.
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Ryan Baker

Web and Marketing Systems Engineer, US team

Matthew Cupples

System Engineer, US OPS team

Trung Dinh

Software Engineer, US RTB team

Oleg Galitskiy

Site Reliability Engineer, Ukraine OPS team

Tony Gosselin

IT Director, US IT team

Aishwarya Iyer

Software Developer in Test, US team

Sean Merrigan

Senior Ad Developer, US team

Mykola Mogylenko

Infrastructure Engineer, Ukraine OPS team

My favourite joke: An SQL query went into a bar. He walked up to two tables and said, "Hi, can I join you?"
mmogylenko - mmogylenko - mogylenko

Aleksey Mykhailov

Site Reliability Engineer, Ukraine OPS team

Adam Nisenbaum

Sr. Engineering Manager, Mobile, Display and Native, Select Access US teams

I love building and scaling mobile advertising products and teams
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Arsenii Pastushenko

System Engineer, Ukraine OPS team

Musician turned to engineering.
Curious about monitoring, configuration management and *BSD systems.

William Powell

Senior Front-end Developer, US UI team

Brandon Rochon

Site Reliability Engineer, US OPS team

Adam Rose

Chief Technical Officer, US team

Michael Schiff

Software Engineer, US team

Steve Thorpe

Mobile Video Engineer, US team

Xiaodong Yan

Quality Engineer, China team

Konstantin Zadorozhny

Technical Architect, US team